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Embracing volatility and managing risk – Meet the Managers
February 17, 2020

Andrew and Steven will provide an update on the Ophir funds and discuss their approach to embracing volatility and managing risk.

Letter to Investors – January
February 12, 2020

In our January 2020 Letter to Investors we discuss how the coronavirus is affecting markets and how the Australian sharemarket bucked the trend to rise over the month.

The Offshore Growers: Why a new breed of Australian companies are taking on the world and winning
February 12, 2020

If you attended our 2019 Meet the Manager events you will recall our theme “Why a new breed of Australian companies are talking on the world and winning”. Subsequently we have prepared and released a report which we have released in full in our Investment Strategy note this month. It is the result of interviews with CEOs, chairs, directors and founders of Australian-listed companies that have been able to create value for shareholders through offshore expansion. The report offers a deeper insight into the key factors of success, including both the business decisions that enabled companies to capitalise on their potential and how the harnessing of industry-wide changes enabled businesses to remove or overcome traditional obstacles to growth.

Letter to Investors – December
January 13, 2020

In our December 2019 letter to investors we discuss why markets have performed so well over 2019 and whether those tailwinds will continue.


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